SNOWDUN Freight Cloud Computing Function Description

May 3, 2023

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   SNOWDUN freight cloud computing function description As our team grows, we have solved the problems that plague 99% of our peers. The problem is that shipping is expensive and delivery feedback is slow. Freight has always been our primary concern, but our team overcame the odds and considered the odds. This has become our advantage. Next, we will introduce you how to choose the SNOWDUN freight plan so that you can use it correctly when shopping in the future. Note: (This description mainly explains the selection method of SNOWDUN freight plan).

First, ①Click the (Login) button on the SNOWDUN homepage.

We need to log into our account. If you have not registered an account, you can click the "Register" button to register.

After registration is completed, ① click the (Personal Center) icon in the navigation bar to enter the Personal Center.

After entering the personal center, ① click the (Add address) button to add your shipping address. Note: You can add up to two addresses.

Fill in your personal information and address information according to the prompts in the text box (Note: After completing the filling, please check whether your personal information and address information are filled in correctly), and click the (Save address) button after completing the filling.

When you successfully save the address, congratulations, the SNOWDUN freight cloud computing function has officially served you!
Next you can choose the product you like, as shown in the picture below:
   ① (The content selected in the box is the transportation plan provided by SNOWDUN. According to the picture, you can obtain 1. Plan name 2. Transportation time limit 3. Freight and other information)
   ② (If you want to temporarily change the delivery address, you can click the icon to add an address. Note: If you add two addresses, you need to delete one address in the personal center first, and then add the address)
Note: The shipping information section of this page is only for you to view shipping information and cannot be selected.

If you decide to purchase this product, ① select the product style and size, ②Click the (Buy now) or (Add to bay) button. The product will be entered into "My Shopping Cart".

Now I only need to find ①(User Center), ②(Order) in the navigation bar to find the product I just added.

① Find the product you are ready to purchase, and then click ② (purchase) to enter the order.

Select the transportation plan you want in the ① selection section. Finally, check if the product + shipping information is correct. After checking, find the payment method applicable to you in the area selected by ②.
The entire page will display your product information, shipping address information, shipping plan information, payment method and other information.

Just follow these steps:
1. Select the transportation plan in ①.
2. Select the payment method in ②.
3. Complete the payment and wait for shipment.

Thank you for reading "SNOWDUN Freight Cloud Computing Function Description". If you find any problems or have questions during use, you are welcome to submit feedback to SNOWDUN, and the customer service staff will warmly receive you.

Feedback method:
1. Customer service button within the platform.
2. Email: