July 10, 2023

   Have you ever found our custom image library limited and couldn't find the material you were satisfied with? 
Now, SNOWDUN proudly introduces "SNOWDUN AI Art" - and it's completely free! 
You only need a simple description to generate stunning images. Plus, you can derive more images based on those already generated. 
Our goal is for you to use "SNOWDUN AI Art" to obtain images that satisfy you, enabling you to create the art pieces you love.
Of course, once you get the image you're satisfied with, you can also download and save it.
Next, I'll introduce the specific usage of "SNOWDUN AI Art".

You can find "SNOWDUN AI Art" at the very bottom of the right-hand toolbar on the customization interface, represented by the icon "AI Art".

Here's how to use "SNOWDUN AI Art":
1. Simply enter a description of the image you want in the input box and send it. (Note: Please use English for your descriptions to achieve more accurate results.)

Let me demonstrate: Here, I hope "SNOWDUN AI Art" generates an image of a "dog". After successfully sending the request, you just need to wait about a minute for "SNOWDUN AI Art" to generate the image.
Pay attention to the area highlighted with a rectangle②, which shows the number of times you can use "SNOWDUN AI Art" daily. Once this limit is reached, "SNOWDUN AI Art" will no longer serve you for the day, so please don't waste your limited number of uses.

When you hover your mouse over the generated image, you'll see:

- A magnifying glass icon①: Obtain the highest quality image;
- A download icon②: Download the image;
- A plus icon②: Add the image to your customization board;
- ③Click the number to choose an image for derivation, thus obtaining four images derived from this one. 

If you're unsatisfied with these four images, you can click the last circular icon to have "SNOWDUN AI Art" regenerate images based on your original description.

Here, I find the first image perfectly meets my needs, so I clicked the "magnifying button" to get the following clear image.

The image below shows three icons in the highlighted area①. Next, I'll introduce what these icons do:

1. Link icon: Obtain the image URL;
2. Plus icon: Add the image to the customization board;
3. Download icon: Download the image to your local device.

Here, I chose the plus icon to add the image to my customization board and adjusted the size and position of the image to complete my customization.

With that, the demonstration of how to use "SNOWDUN AI Art" concludes. Have you learned how to do it? Or have you already thought of how to describe the image in your mind?
SNOWDUN looks forward to receiving your perfectly customized creations.